Our three children have been dancing at Excel for the last five years and they can’t get enough! During this time, our kids have taken nearly every style of dance that the studio has to offer. Because they are in so many dance classes at Excel, they are at the studio almost every night of the week. I can honestly say that there is no place that we would rather be! Excel is truly our home away from home, and Miss Katie the owner works hard to create a positive atmosphere where everyone feels like family.

Our oldest daughter is currently on the performance team at the studio and this has allowed her to take her love of dancing to the next level. She has performed at college basketball games, for the Harlem Globetrotters, and most recently she performed at Walt Disney World! Not only has the performance team helped to boost our daughter’s confidence level, it has also contributed to her lifelong love of dance. The teachers are all professional and highly qualified, and they work hard to make their classes both challenging and fun.

We are so grateful for the positive impact that Excel Dance Centre has had on our lives, and we highly recommend them to anyone who is not only looking for a great place for their children to learn the art of dance, but to also learn skills that will help them to be successful in life.
~ The Fitzgerald Family

My girls (now 7 and 9) have been dancing at Excel since my youngest was two, and we have loved every minute of our time at the studio! The teachers are talented and fun, Ms. Karly is on top of her game, and Ms. Katie goes above and beyond to ensure a positive experience for the dancers. We greatly appreciate that recital music and costumes are always appropriate and that the experience in the studio is enriching and fulfilling. My girls are challenged physically and supported emotionally. Overall, Excel feels like family, and we are so grateful for the love received and the relationships built.
~ Brooke Ancrile

7 years and counting! What a blessing it has been to have our daughter do what she loves at a studio that provides a safe, fun, learning environment. We couldn’t ask for better teachers who have become amazing role models. Excel offers many opportunities to try different dance styles, which our daughter has taken full advantage of! Seeing your child do what they love and come out of their shell is such a wonderful sight!
~ The Summer Family

In 2008 I took the chance of signing up my almost 4 year old for a ballet and tap combo class. I had no idea if she would be interested and stay focused at that age. I never danced as a child so I really didn’t know what we were getting into. At that time, Excel was a smaller dance studio with a gravel parking lot and minimal seating in the one room lobby. We attended her 45 minute class each week, I had our second daughter just weeks before my oldest started, and we’d sit in the lobby and wait for her to come out and show us if she was truly interested in the class. So far so good. And then, we learned about the recital. It sounded scary. It’s a huge production, lots of dancers, family members and crews working to make sure the whole thing goes smoothly. It’s amazing the type of security they have in place for recital and it really makes you feel at ease knowing your child is safe while you wait for them to make their first appearance on stage. During the next several years she’s still dancing, trying different types of dance, we’ve also signed our youngest up for classes and fast forward to 2020, we’re still here, loving every minute. There’s times when my oldest, now 15, has an hour break between classes and it’s easier if she stays there. She packs a dinner and will eat between classes. This is like a second home and family to us. Miss Katie and her whole staff has made this place a clean, safe and loving environment that I can feel safe leaving my child at for hours each day to do what she loves. From the homework room, easy access to microwaves, a snack vending machine and all of the friends they’ve made, we are so happy to have Excel Dance in our lives and looking forward to the next several years.
~ Amanda Mandigo

My family was first introduced to Excel dance centre about 7 years ago. I knew from day one that this studio was unique and that it was going to be the place for my girls to dance. We were greeted by Katie, the owner who took the time to talk to us and get to know my oldest daughter who had been dancing for years but needed a change. She was gentle and easy to talk to making us feel fully comfortable.

Katie has created so much more than just a place to take your children to dance. She has created a positive environment for students of all levels and abilities to not just grow and perfect their technique but to improve confidence and feel proud of who they are. We have watched our youngest daughter go from a shy and unsure dancer to a confident and assertive dancer.
~ The Suloff Family