Excel Dance Centre Policies

  • Attire
    All students are required to wear appropriate dance attire to class. This also includes hair being pulled back and out of the way of dancing. The requirements are located on the web and at the studio.
  • Communication
    Newsletters and occasional special notes will be sent home with your student from class. It is the responsibility of the dancer and the dancer’s parent to check to see if they have missed an important note sent home. They will also be posted on the message board in the lobby of the studio.
  • Important Dates
    For your convenience, we try to give scheduled dates of important events such as; Recital, rehearsals, picture days and dates classes are not in session by the first week of September. Please note them on your calendar so that your dancer will be prepared and you will not have any schedule conflicts.
  • Tuition Payments
    Tuition is always due on the 3rd of every month. We have several convenient ways for you to pay your monthly tuition at Excel. You may sign up for an automatic payment for a small fee of $8.00 at the front desk, turn it in at the front desk, or send it in the mail. If you catch us before or after hours you may slip it through the double doors at the studio. A $5.00 late fee will be added after the 3rd of each month and each additional week the account becomes delinquent. Tuition is paid each month (Sept – June) unless a drop form in signed at the front desk.
  • Absences
    Please give the studio a courtesy call if your dancer will be absent from class. Also this is a good time to check with the front desk to see if you will be missing any important information being sent home. Missed classes due to inclement weather, holidays or absences may be made up, but tuition may not be skipped or altered. Classes made up do not count towards perfect or near perfect attendance.
  • Cancelled classes due to weather or other conditions
    Now we are posting our closings by 2pm on Facebook as well as sending mass texts. Please make sure you like us on FB and opt into the text option the first time you receive an alert. We do not follow school schedules so please check if you are questioning if classes are cancelled. This means we may have separate closings for morning and evening so please always double check. The first cancellation due to weather you may make-up in another class. Any further closings, class make-ups will be scheduled. If you are not able to make the scheduled day and time, you may find a similar class. If a class is cancelled due to weather or teachers schedule, you will not be penalized for your perfect attendance record.
  • Environment
    Excel Dance Centre is an alcohol, drug and bully free environment. None of the following will be tolerated. If a student participates in any of the above listed, a parent will be contacted and further action will be taken.