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Education: Performance

Dancers will be learning what it means to perform for an audience. We will take the time to talk to the dancers about dancing with emotion, using facials and how to captivate an audience through their dancing.

Dedication: Poppin' Pirouettes

The month of December we are continuing a fun challenge for our dancers! We are calling it, Popping Pirouettes! Dancers will be working hard on their pirouette turns in class. Once able to demonstrate a clean, well executed single, double, triple etc. pirouette they will win a fun POPCORN prize!! Check out the Popping Pirouettes wall! Dancers will add a piece of popcorn for everything pirouette they execute! This will take place November 15th – December 18th!

Culture: Valentine's Cards

We will be working with Vineyard Assisted Living to make Valentine’s cards for their residents. We will also be making some fun dance videos to send to them to brighten their days!