MARCH 2020

Education Dedication  Culture

Education : Geo Hubela

Geo HubelaGeorge “Geo” Hubela is one of the most popular and sought after dancer/choreographers in the music industry thanks to his extreme talent and versatility. He is currently choreographing for (European Pop Star) Billy Crawford. He has worked with French Pop sensation “Lorie,” and was choreographer and artistic director for her 2004 Weekend tour, which spanned across cities in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Tahiti, and Quebec. This is the second world tour he has choreographed for Lorie. He has appeared as a recurring choreographer on the hit MTV show BeComing, including the episodes BeComing JLo, BeComing Dream, and BeComing ‘NSYNC. Before he stepped into choreography, he assisted Darrin Henson with the Spice Girls, industrial shows for Tommy Hilfiger and American Express and also danced in Darrin’s Dance Grooves. He now has his very own instructional video, GEO’s Dance Party!, and you can find commercials for this hot Hip-Hop instructional video on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel.

We had the chance to work with Geo when our Company dancers went to Disney World. Some of our junior company members were able to learn choreography from Geo and be in a music video with him! He was so much fun to work with and it was an experience we will never forget!

Dedication : Lucky Us

lucky to have youThe month of March always makes us think of luck! This month, we want you to focus on how lucky you are to have such an amazing dance family! Not only are we lucky to have the family inside of the studio but outside of the studio as well. We are all so lucky to have peers, teachers, and families looking out for us 100% of the time. Take a second, look around, and realize just how lucky you are to be surrounded by such an amazing family!

Culture : Camp Catch-A-Rainbow

camp catch a rainbowYMCA Storer Camps offers Camp Catch-A-Rainbow (CCAR), free of charge, to enrich the lives of children between four and seventeen years old who are being treated for cancer or who are in remission from cancer. Camp Catch-A-Rainbow provides the opportunity for children to simply have a good time and enjoy the experience of exercise, recreation, and companionship through activities paced to meet the needs of kids with cancer. Campers enjoy swimming, archery, horseback riding, high adventure ropes courses, arts and crafts, canoeing, and much more. All campers are able to experience Camp Catch-A-Rainbow at NO COST through the generosity of donors and grants. We will be taking donations of any NEW white clothing, headbands, scrunchies, etc. (any thing that can be worn) for the children in the camp to tie-dye! We will have boxes out soon and will be accepting donations ASAP! Thank you for always supporting these special causes that mean so much to us! We will also be working with Camp Catch-A-Rainbow for our Showcase of Talents this year!