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Education: Mia Michaels

Mia Michales is a world renowned choreographer. She has appeared as a judge and choreograoher on So You Think You Can Dance, has worked with and choreographed for artists including, Celine Dion, Tom Cruise, Ricky Martin, Price and many more! She is now teaching a master class called Mia Michaels Live (MML) where dancers are taught to dance how their body feels, not to conform to the “normal” industry standard.

Dedication: Poppin' Pirouettes

The month of November we are starting a fun challenge for our dancers! We are calling it, Popping Pirouettes! Dancers will be working hard on their pirouette turns in class. Once able to demonstrate a clean, well executed single, double, triple etc. pirouette they will win a fun POPCORN prize!! Check out the Popping Pirouettes wall! Dancers will add a piece of popcorn for everything pirouette they execute! This will take place November 15th – December 18th!

Culture: Samuel's Blankets

We are so excited to be working with Samuel as he is collecting new or gently used blankets for our homeless community. This is his 7th year taking collections and has given over 12,000 blankets to our homeless. There is a large box in the front lobby if you would like to donate. Thank you for helping us remind our students the joy of giving and serving.
Samuels Blankets Collection Box