Classes during Covid


Each room at Excel Dance Centre has taped off 6ft x 6ft squares. There are also marks on the floor spaced 6ft apart for dancers while doing progressions across the floor. The capacity in each room is as follows:

  • Blue Room: 22 students
  • Yellow Room: 18 students
  • Purple Room: 12 students
  • Green Room: 12 students
If your dancer is 6 years or younger, you will be able to walk your dancer into the studio and leave once class starts. Parents with dancers 7 year or older, please wait in your car or head out while your dancer is in class.
If your dancer has an hour break, they are welcome to stay at the studio if they are 12 years or older. We will need parent permission as we can only occupy a certain amount of space in the lobby area. This will be a first come first serve basis. Please let Ms. Karly know if your 12 years or older dancer will need to stay at the studio for their hour break. If your dancer has longer than an hour break they will need to head out during their break time.
We ask dancers who are medically able and 6 and older to please wear face coverings at the studio. Dancers are allowed to pull down facial coverings only when able to maintain 6 ft. and while taking short breaks.
We are so excited to announce we are now a Tech Enabled Studio! Each classroom will have its own screen and computer to connect to zoom during each class!
Teachers will wear face coverings if medically able and when closer than 6 ft to students. With our youngest dancers, we understand verbal cues and facial expressions are extremely important to learning. If we need our dancers to see our mouths for instruction we will maintain at least 10 ft. from dancers.
We will likely encounter periods of the 2020/2021 dance year where our studio may be closed due to the decisions of the State, Region, County or local level. If our stay at home orders are reissued we will transition to zoom learning immediately. Phase 4 and above will offer our in person learning and our distance learning options.
Each room will have cubbies with “X’s” marked on them for each dancer to place their belongings in. They will need to take all belongings with them to each room throughout the night, if they have multiple classes.


  • Ballet/Tap (Distance Learning) Ages 4-6
    Monday 4:40-5:25
  • Jazz/Hip Hop (Distance Learning) Ages 6-8
    Monday 5:25-6:20
  • Jazz/Lyrical (Distance Learning) Ages 9-12
    Thursday 7:00-7:55
  • Conditioning for Ballet/Jazz (Distance Learning) Ages 12 and up
    Thursday 5:30-6:25
No! Your dancer can enjoy the class every week from the comfort of your own home!
Yes you will have the option to switch to in person classes but spaces are limited because of numbers. Please feel free to call and check for availability throughout the year.
Yes! Your dancer will learn a recital dance and get to perform their dance virtually at the end of the season.
For a 45 minute class that cost is $48. For a 55 minute class that cost is $58. There is also a $30 registration fee.
There can be a minimum of 4 dancers enrolled in the class in order for the class to run.
Click the link provided here to find the class that best suits you!
We will not be offering distance learning for ages 3 and under because after experience with zoom learning in the spring we realized the importance of face to face learning for this age group. At Excel we always strive to give 100% in our products and services and we feel this age group works best at the studio in person.
Zoom recordings are available for up to 2 weeks after they have been recorded. The day that is missed can be used as a make up class, as long as you take the class within 2 weeks of the date missed. We will be using a Google website to send you the links of the classes.
While in studio classes may not run due to a snow day distance learning teachers are prepared ahead of time to teach on snow days.