Katie Stull – Owner

Katie Stull is the owner and manager of Excel Dance Centre. She has been dancing since the age of 2 1/2 and plans on continuing to dance until someone takes away her shoes!

Katie graduated from Western Michigan University with a Child Psychology major and an Art minor. She also studied dance at Western for 4 years. She has trained throughout her career with Gus Giordano, Joe Tremaine, Darryl Retter, Wade Robson and many more.

Katie has received many awards and recognition for her training through Tremaine Dance, L.A. Underground, Showstoppers, Dance Educators of America and New York City Dance Alliance to name a few.

Katie is a very happily married wife to her husband Kyle, who is a chiropractor in Texas Corners, and an exhausted, yet loving mother of twins, Ella and Wyatt.

Katie is very passionate about her work with the students at Excel; her students and parents mean the world to her. She prides herself on having a studio that offers a friendly, inviting and loving environment where students can come get away and just have fun doing what they love, dance! She also is pleased to share that the studio, it’s music and costuming is age appropriate for every dancer. Katie is very excited to share her passion and love of dance with her students and looks forward to every new year!

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