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Our students learn about movement, technique and self-confidence through quality instruction by teachers who have a rich dance background and regularly attend various local and regional dance conventions and workshops.


Begin to prepare your student by developing their independence. Students that have already developed self-reliance, self-esteem, and responsibility are often able to make greater progress. Assure them you are proud of all they accomplish. Please keep these items in mind:

  • Please make sure they come to class with the proper shoes and attire.
  • Keep all jewelry and toys at home.
  • Save dance shoes for indoor use only.
  • Remember manners and proper dance etiquette.

We want this to be a learning experience but even more, a chance to develop a love for music, dance, and all of the arts!

Peek Week

Parents and families have the opportunity to watch their student’s progress once a month for the last 10 minutes of class. The teacher will remind you the week before Peek Week and invite you in the classroom.


Excel Dance Centre frequently visits the following links for cultural and professional enrichment. Take a peek to see what we like.